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131230 LC9 and Lunafly Incheon Airport Arrival Fanaccount

LC9 and Lunafly arrived in Incheon from Manila at 9:02 pm and came out around 9:45 pm. I first spotted Yun walking around inside the place before they really get out of the gate. Then I saw Jaedyn and Hyunsoo coming out so we prepared already. Yun came out first and then the rest. It’s so hard to manage both LC9 and Lunafly at the same time. I love both groups. I knew Lunafly first (since their debut) and it was because of them that I started supporting LC9 so I love both a lot. I was trying to come after Jaedyn since I have a business to settle with him (which I will tell in a different post at the right time).

I and my friend just kept on following them, with the right distance ofc. I felt so weird ‘cause I’m like in the middle of them. When they came out from the airport, Jaedyn looked at the others and screamed, “으와~ 춥다!!! (Wow~ So cold!!!)”. While walking, I tried my best to catch up with Jaedyn to hand over my gift. He was walking along with Teo. I called him and handed him my gift. He gave me a big, “감사합니다!!! (Thank you!!!)" when he took it. Teo saw it and jokingly handed Jaedyn his passport in a manner like a fan would. Jaedyn rode along and said, "감사합니다!!! (Thank you!!!)" to Teo also. We laughed ‘cause dork oppas. Cries, my LunaC9 biases.

When we got to the vans, we were kinda walking in front so me and my friend pushed farther and farther so we don’t pile up. I was looking at LC9, particularly Jun, Hyunsoo, Woosuk and Jonghyo. King saw us and waved. Gosh Ao was so cute I wanted to squish him. I legit felt the need to run to him and pinch his cheeks while saying, “I miss you!!!” but I didn’t of course, hahah. Jun looked so fab btw.

We were at the side in front of Lunafly’s van. Then Rasa was there and he came to us. He was like smiling and suddenly offered a high five to me and then to my friend. He then gave a thumbs up after that. I was laughing and I asked him, “필리핀은 어때요? (How’s the Philippines?)”. He replied to me, “재미있어 (It was fun)" while smiling. I then told him, "오빠, 난 못 갔어요 (Oppa, I wasn’t able to go)”. “어 왜? (Oh, why?)," he asked. I said, "학교 때문이에요 (because of school)”. He nodded while saying “학교~ (school)”. I told him, “오빠, 보고싶었어요 (Oppa, I miss you)." He replied to me, "얼마나? (How much [do you miss me]?)”. Goodness, I got so shocked. I paused for a few seconds to think and said, “설명 못해요, 오빠 (I can’t explain, oppa)." He repeated, "설명 못해… (Can’t explain…)" while looking like he was thinking. I think he got called so he left.

Then there was Yun. We called Yun and he looked. My friend pointed at her polaroid camera asking for a picture. So he came over and I took a picture with him first. He had his arms around me and I’m like, oh. My friend’s camera can’t take the picture after a few press, so Yun asked if the camera is fine. My friend was able to make it work and Yun went back to taking a pic with me. After the photo, Yun was called so he looked away for a while. He came back and asked if it came out well. And I said it hasn’t came out yet. Then my friend asked for a selca with him which he gladly did. We thanked him and walked near Teo.


We asked Teo to take a photo with us for a moment. He looked around and silently took the polaroid camera then took a shot of the three of us. He did it so quietly ‘cause I guess he was being careful not to be caught by their manager, haha.

LC9’s van was like far from Lunafly’s van so we went over there before they even went in the van. Unfortunately, they’re like all in already. So we just came back to Lunafly’s van.

When we were there, Yun was just standing so we talked with him. My friend can’t speak Korean properly so I told Yun stuff for her. I told Yun, “소피아는 싱가포르에 돌아갈 거예요 (Sophia’s going back to Singapore)”. I think Yun heard it like my friend is going/went to Singapore so he asked, “싱가포르에 갔어요? (You’re going to Singapore?)" (I don’t remember the exact). So I repeated what I said and he was like, "Ahhh”. I just added, “그냥 한국에서 여행했어요 (She just went on vacation in Korea)”. He said, “진짜요? 어디에 갔어요? (Really? Where’d you go?)" My friend understood it but she can’t answer so I just went like, "여러곳에서요 (different places)" and laughed a little. I asked him, "필리핀은 어떄요? (How’s the Philippines?)" He said, "도워 (hot)”. He got called again so he left.

We noticed that LC9 is coming out of their van again so we went that side. The staffs talked to them for a while so I just took photos for the meantime. When they got dismissed. My friend went to King to ask for a photo. King looked at their staff and she gave him a look saying, “Idk, up to you.” He just came to us and agreed. I was a little confused on who and how to take the photo. Woosuk handed me the polaroid camera and told me to take their photo. I was like, oh okay. I was so flustered. I shook a little behind the camera but good thing I snapped good enough. I don’t have a polaroid camera so I’m not used to taking photos with it.

Before they came back to their van, we called Jaedyn. I was gonna ask when it’s fine to take a photo with him but everything’s a mess. He basically didn’t want to but my friend asked him to just post. He then gave in and posed for a polaroid picture. My friend handed the photo to me, lol. When their van’s door was open, I saw the plastic bag of my gift to Jaedyn opened and the Perrier too was opened. This guy. LC9 all went in again and before Jaedyn closed the door, I waved goodbye to him.


We went back to Lunafly’s van. This time, they were the ones saying bye to their staffs and thanking them. Teo was so cute, he hugged their manager. Sam went in the van first so we waved at him saying bye. I feel so sad not being able to interact with Sam. He was always blocked from us and he was near the manager. When they all got in, we waved at them.

Lastly, we said “안녕히 가세요. 수고하셨어요 (Stay safe. You’ve worked hard)" to Lunafly’s manager and their other one when we saw him as we go back. Really, I need to thank these people.

Overall, the boys all looked so happy. What did these guys ate that made them that happy. Probably because they’re back home and it’s holiday again. I’m so glad to see them like that and LunaC9 seemed chill with us. I surprisingly didn’t go berserk and all over the place when I interacted with them.

힣 오빠들 또 만나요!

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